Hermetic Astrology
‘When you look inside yourself you see the universe and all the stars in infinity"      
                             C.G. Jung
“As Above so Below as Without so Within “
                                   Alchemical Adage.

The  Hermetic arts of alchemy and astrology embody an ancient wisdom which    
understands the unity of all life.  This concept of interconnectedness and
wholeness is in stark contrast to the modern worldview which tends to separate
and fragment.  Instead, the Hermetic worldview provides us with a rich symbolic
language which when understood and utilized can lead to deeper self
understanding and thus greater personal autonomy.  Astrology, seen in this light,
can foster personal growth and transformative development by its capacity to
articulate which archetypes or celestial forces are particularly influential for each
person.    Aligning your life energy with forces prominent in your chart, galvanizes
the transformation of psychological lead into spiritual gold.