The goal of my astrological readings is to elucidate underlying psychological and
archetypal patterns prominent in your life (Archetypal awareness brings greater
self-awareness and thus greater personal autonomy). This understanding can
assist you in living a more meaningful and balanced life; for to align yourself with
your individual cosmic patterns is to move from fragmentation to wholeness.

          The Philosopher’s Stone Reading— 90 min/  $ 175
In this in-depth analysis of your natal chart we will examine your celestially
ordained potential.  We will further explore, through an examination of transits and
progressions, the archetypal motifs that are currently active in your life.

          The Uroboric Reading—60 Min/ $ 125
A briefer version of the above.  Again focusing upon the celestial forces that are
significant in your life.

          The Hygeia Wellness Exam-   60 min/ $125
Hygeia is the Greek Goddess of Health.  She was worshipped in the ancient world
alongside her father Aesclepius, the Greek God of Healing.  Her archetype is
represented within astrological symbolism by the asteroid which carries her name.  
The placement of Hygeia in the horoscope represents where the goddess seeks
her expression in your life.
In this focused reading we will explore how one can preserve health through a
balance of mind, body and spirit.

          Follow up Questions-  $30 per half hour
If you have questions about your reading you may call to discuss these in greater

Readings are offered in one of two formats:
1. Client provides birth data and any particular questions or areas of focus and I
record  the requested reading .  The recording along with PDFs of charts are sent
via computer or mail.
2. Telephone consultation of the requested reading.  PDFs of charts will be sent
prior to the reading.